Hi! I am Sajjad Dehghani 27YO

I'm working hard on my own ideas, Most of my time is spent on programming and think about how to i can design and create beautiful life. I live my dreams. I think we can achieve whatever that we think about it, Until now it has been my life, One of my biggest dreams is achieve high levels of academic (PhD of Computer Science) and be able to teach it.



2016: Special Teaching YiiFramework 2.0 Noghteh Software Team
2015: PHP developer and Teams coordinator HSP POWER
2014 TO 2015: Cooperation with San fransisco, California, USA
2013 TO 2015: PHP developer, instructor, analyst at NoorSoft Co., My presence at the greatest Noor Soft(CRCIS) Company brought me a great sense of pride and honor. And, cooperating in design and implementation of huge projects such as security system, and design company master site(noorsoft.org) with a 210-person-team and the management of the Department of Technical Analysis, Design & Management completed my experiences as a programmer. Encountering problems and troubleshooting during production of large software programs with sql server database with 10 million records somehow matured me in this field of software. CRCIS
2012: Thanks to experiences I had got during teaching at great organizations as well as encountering with problems faced by them, I was employed as consultant at the abovementioned companies and, also, cooperated as software designer and analyst at some companies. Commissioning a professional educational packages online sale website at codingplanet.ir and a robust success in covering all over the country filled me with another good sense of this profession.
2011: My keen interests in training lead me to share any information I have obtained with others. At the beginning, I started teaching at institutes. After getting experienced in transferring training subjects, I found out that I am talented in explaining subjects easily and fluently.





PRODUCTION [ 2010 TO 2016 ]

1. Design CRCIS company main web site.
2. Develop more that Five, Drupal modules.
3. PHP Backend Developer, Vancouver - Canadian project.
4. PHP Backend Developer, California - USA projects.
5. Expert TimeTable desktop application.
6. AutoBackupSQL web application, USA project.
7. Automation desktop application - Police Social assistance.
8. Design and develop more that 200 REST APIs for five different web applications.
9. Design and develop Full APIs as poll project.